Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday morning ride

For a few months now my coworker and friend Tyler and I have been heading out into Golden Gate Park for a nice little ride out to the ocean and back, usually followed by coffee and then on to work. Usually we try to stay off the main roads and explore all the little singletrack and wider dirt trails that are all over the park. It can be quite thrilling some days, especially the park slopes downward towards the ocean so the first half of our ride can be quite fast. Today we were both a little under the weather, me due to this cold I've been fighting off and him due to backpacking-induced sunburn and leg-soreness. We took it a bit easier today and stopped at the ocean for a nice chat, only getting back on the bikes when our sweat started to get a little too cold to bear.

Our bikes are kind of funny side by side. His is a really nice Rivendell Bleriot that he resucued and rehabilitated off of craigslist. It's really set up more as a commuter bike but does quite fine on our semi-offroad adventures. The blackblackblack bike is my non-cargo bike, a Cannondale Bad Boy with much fatter tires than were ever meant to go on the skinny rims it came with. Runs good!

We both had a great time riding today. Hopefully we'll both make it out for the ride before next Sunday's Inner Sunset Farmers' Market. More on that later.

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