Sunday, July 12, 2009

First steps to two-wheeled-freedom

Jula and I went out for a cookie date last night and she requested that she ride "her very own bike all by herself". She's not quite 2.5 years old yet so her "very own bike" is a wooden Skuut bike which until now she has not expressed a lot of interest in. Naturally I was stoked that she wanted to go ride it! After donning her helmet and getting out on to the sidewalk she confidently and mounted her bike and we made our way to the bakery around the corner. This involved crossing the street 3 times on our way there. At first she wanted to cross with "no holding hands" to which I suggested we should get off the bike altogether to cross. We compromised her staying on the bike and holding one of my hands which I also used to hold on to one of her handgrips. It was a little awkward but worked out just fine.

She basically sits on the Skuut and walks since she hasn't really realized that she can pick up her legs and coast. This makes for a really slow walk but we were both stoked about it just the same. We eventually arrived at Tart-to-Tart
where Jula requested a "cookie with nuts and some milk" which I happily obliged. She loves her helmet so much that she never really wants to take it off. :-)

The way home has a tiny downhill so she was able to go a little faster and had fun doing so. All in all, it was a fine fine first voyage out on the Skuut. This father is quite excited to see his little girl take her first steps toward two-wheeled-freedom!


  1. So cute. Will have to get one of those bikes for Ava.

  2. Hey Bill,

    I saw your blog posting on the FB extracycle group page. It's great your family is going carless and even better your daughter is growing up wanting to ride her bike instead of drive a car. You might be interested in a non-profit site It allows you to enter alternative tranportation miles and then tells you how much gasoline you're not using and CO2 you're preventing. Good luck with the carless week.

    Phil Cox

  3. We just graduated our youngest off of his (I broke the seat post on) and he has taken to his "real" bike very quickly. He has even pedaled on a bike lane or two (he is almost 5, so you have some time : )