Saturday, February 12, 2011

Like I'm 10 years old again

I'm fortunate to work with a bunch of great people who happen to be bike nuts as well. Most of us ride our bikes to work, the hallway and kitchen lined with bikes most days. On several occasions the office has been rearranged to make getting bikes in and out of the office easier. It's not uncommon for someone to do a little bike maintenance before heading home. We're bike people.

On occasion we get the chance, weather and time permitting, to go out for what we call "bike lunch". A nice ride of a mile or two through the city, through the park, somewhere for a tasty bite and then a quick ride back to work. When I get out there riding with all my friends I suddenly feel 10 again. Riding a bike is one of my favorite things in life but doing it with your friends is just so free, so joyful. I feel quite lucky :)