Sunday, December 6, 2009

More groceries

Most of my hauling trips are for groceries. It's amazing that this was one of the last reasons why we held on to our car a few years back.

These 4 large bags have nearly $100 in groceries in them and they're so easy to haul. I've been thinking that it might be nice to have some sort of basket on the snapdeck to haul 2-4 more bags but so far this capacity has been more than enough.

Jula the bike mechanic

Last night I was working on various bike projects in the shop and Jula hung out with me for an hour or so.

For awhile she was content to cruise around the garage on her Skuut but soon wanted some tools so she could "fix her bike"

She actually figured out which allen wrench fit in the bolts on her Skuut, thankfully she's not coordinated enough yet to actually loosen anything :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hauling firewood

This isn't the greatest picture but I hauled a heaping wheelbarrow worth of oak firewood tonight. The weight was pretty impressive but the bike dealt with it all well. Even hit 10+ mph on the downhill home. :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Big grocery haul

Last night we realized that not only were we out of dog food, cat litter and cat food but we also needed to go to the grocery store for some staples that we were also out of.

The trailer has 70lbs of cat litter, 35lbs of dog food, and 30lbs of cat food.

The xtracycle has 4 large grocery bags with all kinds of heavy stuff, milk, yogurt, flour, ~$100 worth in all.

And of course ~30lbs of Jula who tagged along merrily although she enjoyed riding there in the trailer a lot more than directly behind me on the way home :)

Christmas tree haul

Now this is the way to get a christmas tree home!

In case you're wondering, it wobbled a bit hanging so far off the bike but it was not hard at all.

Hauling bike carcasses

My old friend Caleb had these two bike carcasses that he no longer wanted so I rode over to pick them up for parts.

It was quite a load and I took a dropout-stabbing to the ankle from one of the frames but it was not a difficult load.

Now there's a new problem, the shop is full!

Parking day #5

Each time we do PARK(ing) Day my load gets a little bigger!

In this load, big round coffee table, two wooden chairs, four metal folding chairs, 2 folding tables, and a 8x10 rug!

Thomas hauled in a load of plants in his custom bike-trunk arrangement.

As usual we had a lot of fun and met a lot of new neighborhood folks. Hopefully we'll have a space inside the Farmer's Market next time!