Friday, July 3, 2009


My intention with this blog is to share what we learn about trying to live car-free with kids. Depending on your location it can be quite easy to live your life without a car but when you introduce kids into the scenario things become somewhat more complicated. Instead of driving everywhere we walk a lot, bike a lot and take the bus or train when it makes sense. In the process of using these other forms of transportation we've realized that not only do we get some exercise but we also get to know our neighbors, our neighborhood and our city in a much more personal way. It's also an investment in our kids future both in terms of our decreased carbon footprint but also in forming a healthy lifestyle for them from the start.

We've been immensely inspired by several other car-free-with-kids blogs out there and want to let the world know that not only is it possible but can be a really amazing way to live. Hopefully what we share on this blog will inspire other people to ditch their cars and lead a happier, healthier lifestyle, whether you have kids or not!

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