Friday, July 3, 2009

First Post!

To celebrate the 30 minutes of free time that allowed me to actually start this blog I'm posting this photo of our xtracycle loaded up with groceries that my daughter Jula and I picked up from Safeway earlier today.

Normally we don't shop at Safeway because there are other decent markets in walking distance but we usually make a run to Safeway once a month or so for more bulk-like items. This run was $145 worth of groceries including 2 gallons of milk and lots of canned goods and other heavy stuff. The ride to safeway is incredibly short in comparison to some of the other places we ride to in San Francisco. From our house it's a short jaunt across Golden Gate Park and right between the Academy of Science and the de Young Art Museum. A nice little ride.

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  1. Great blog. I'll be checking back sometimes to see how carfree family life compares in other cities! All the best.