Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back to classes, finally

This week marked Jula's return to her weekly classes, namely Gymnastics at Acrosports on Wednesday and Music Together class in the Haight on Thursday. With The birth of our new son and the following weeks of emergency and cold-plague we've been out of our regular routines for a few weeks.

Both classes are close to home but not too close to bike to. I'm not sure who enjoys the ride more, Jula or I but we both have a grand time getting there and back. This morning's trip to music class was followed by a trip to one of our local coffee shops for coffee for me and milk/cookie for her. Coincidentally some street construction work allowed us to hang out and watch a backhoe move some equipment around and then watch a cement mixer fill in a huge hole in the street that they'd dug earlier in the week. Jula has been in love with construction equipment, especially backhoes, ever since the our nearest intersection was under construction for a month last year, so this was a real treat for her.

Just before heading home I got a call from our local herbal/vitamin store that the sprouting seed mix that we've been waiting for them to restock was finally in. So we zipped over there to pick that and a few other things up before headed home for lunch. I'm so thankful that the xtracycle has worked out so well as our daily-use bike. It's nice to have cargo space for those times that you don't know you're going to need it :)

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