Monday, August 30, 2010

Bike camping!

We finally went bike camping! Nicole and I had been dreaming of going bike camping for a long time. The beauty of leaving our home under our own power to go camp somewhere is incomparable.

Having the cargo space to carry just about anything enabled us to really live it up and we had great food and a full compliment of extra gear. I bet we were both pushing 70lbs of gear on each bike:

The first morning I looked out of a tent and saw not a car but our pair of Xtracycles and it felt *great*.

Our route from SF to China Camp SP

The ride there was surprisingly smooth with a fair amount of the ride on bikeways or in plain old bike lanes. There were only a few places that were a little sketchy but they were brief.

We spent two nights at China Camp and spent the entire second day just riding around on the multi-use trails there. Nicole impressed me once again by riding her Radish like it was just another mountain bike and had a rocking good time.

Our route home was thru Tiburon via the Tiburon/SF ferry. Mostly to avoid the climb from Sausilito to the Golden Gate Bridge.

A flickr photo set from our trip

All in all, totally my new favorite way to vacation. No car, no gas, no traffic. Hell yes.


  1. Yay! That looks like so much fun (and your bikes look great!)

  2. Hi there!
    I am loving your blog--I got here via Totcycle, where I've been spending time as I'm trying to figure out a bike solution for me, my 4.5 yr old and 5 mos old.
    I dream of a one bike solution that will: let me do steep climbs and descents (Bay Area), commute on Amtrak and Bart, carry two kids, plus groceries, load up for a camping w/kids trip, and load up on the car for road trips.
    Probably an impossible fantasy, no?

    Happy cycling to you all.