Sunday, May 2, 2010

Diabetes Charity Ride

For the past few years craigslist has generously sponsored me and many of my coworkers and even more friends to ride in the American Diabetes Association charity ride in Napa. Last year, I rode the 50 mile course solo. Now that we have two kids who are old enough to ride along with us, this year we rode the super cushy 10 mile course. In the end we all agreed that we could have easily done the 25 mile course but were glad to have a really relaxed time together.

The xtracycles barely fit into the truck we got from Zipcar. Just barely.

A coworker's xtracycle (that I sold to him) and his dual-kid-cargo trailing behind him and our X's in the background.

Our first biking family portrait!

More pre-prep before the ride.

And a little video of our leisurely ride ;)

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