Friday, April 9, 2010

A note on our windshield, er handlebars!

Nicole and I had the rare privilege of indulging in the luxury of grocery shopping with no kids this morning. Thank you Grandma!

We were out of just about everything so this was a pretty big grocery run for us. Nicole and I had a nice time shopping and figuring out what we'd be eating for the next week or two.

When we came back to our bikes there was business card crammed between the light mount and the bell on my handlebars with a note written on it. The card was from the Program Director of the SFBC and the note read "Awesome. Please send me photos of this parking job (I don't have my camera)...". It made us both smile :)

Anyway, here are the photos :)

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  1. Thanks, Bill, I was so tickled to see your fine bikes tied up on those racks, what a shining example of how people can buy a lot of groceries and haul their kids around to boot, no car needed! The SFBC has been working with Safeway to upgrade the bike parking at that store, the "folded wave" rack they put in after the 2007 renovation doesn't work well for many bicycle types and isn't well sited* -- those U-racks are much better and the siting is an okay compromise but I'd been worried about how folks with trailers and longtails would fit without hanging over the walkway. Your demonstration shows that it works all right if you park parallel to the building on the end racks, indeed a pair of cargo bikes fit perfectly, hot cha. I'll share these with my Safeway contact and show her how successful our collaboration has been, and how their shop-by-bike customers are spending plenty of dough there, probably more than a lot of the SUV pilots jostling for space in the parking lot!