Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Streets!

Jula and I just got back from riding the last Sunday Streets of the year. Sunday Streets is a San Francisco event where the city shuts down car traffic along a long-ish route though different parts of the city for most of the day. The closed roads are open to all non-car transit, bikes/skateboards/walking/etc. Today's event included all of JFK Drive through Golden Gate Park and then all of the Great Highway. It was such a blast! All kinds of people on all kinds of bikes (some walking too)! Riding down the Great Highway without any car traffic was so nice. The over all speed of the ride was very relaxed. We started a ride with a neighborhood friend but ran into many other people we know along the way.
We saw five other xtracycles while we were riding, most with stoker or kid seat set ups. Here's that Mundo that we saw in our neighborhood!
The Cyclocide folks had a few rides out for the kids to enjoy. This little 4-bike ride was great. Watching the kids all try to stop at the same time was interesting :)
This ride looked like a lot of fun. Kids ride in the swings on the outside and parents power the whole thing by pedaling in the middle.
As you can see the kids really got quite a ride out of it!
I accidentally took this picture of our "Mutant" xtracycle bike while trying to take some overhead shots of the Great Highway and I thought it was kinda cool :)
I heard a rumor from a reliable source today that Sunday Streets will be coming back again next year and they plan for it to become a permanent yearly event. Last year there were 3 Sunday Street's, this year there were 6. Hopefully next year we'll get more added to the calendar!

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